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Base Camp is a series of fitness and injury-prevention programs designed with the latest research on age-appropriate and
sport-specific balance, conditioning and strength-training in mind. Participants will experience a wide variety of group
exercises for sports and lifelong healthy movement habits. Explore your potential and take the next step in building your
fitness level and minimizing injury risk!

Base Camp Sport is a fitness program for middle-school
athletes. This program is designed to help develop
strength, flexibility and healthy movement patterns to
enhance lifelong fitness habits and prevent future injury.
Base Camp Run is designed to develop power, strength,
stability and proper running technique. We include the
latest research on running injury prevention strategies, form
running progression, running-specific flexibility and stability,
core work and barefoot balance exercises.
Base Camp Move is a balance program that combines
traditional exercise with Tai Chi and works to educate the
individual on fall prevention. This program uses a combination
of  stretching and strengthening to improve balance.

Base Camp Ski is designed to develop power, strength,
agility, balance and a higher level of fitness. The workout
sessions combine strength and conditioning for
downhill, telemark and snowboard athletes with a focus
on injury prevention and preparation for the slopes.

The Base Camp Swim dryland training program for swimmers addresses areas of muscle imbalance and establishes new movement patterns under a greater load than in the pool. Athletes will tap into new sources of power and speed on land, which leads to greater performance in the water.

Our staff has been part of an ongoing formal research study 
conducted in collaboration with Regis University to
investigate the connection between running biomechanics
and overuse injuries for high school runners. Research Night
is an expression of our commitment to supporting the evolving
best practice standards for the physical therapy profession.
Base Camp Sport
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