Base Camp Move is a balance and fall prevention program led by a licensed Physical Therapist and designed with the most current research in mind. The program includes several key components proven to improve functional outcomes and aid in fall prevention: fall risk management, strength and stability exercises, a walking program, and instruction in Tai Chi movement patterns.
  • Class sizes are limited to 4-5 individuals per session.
  • Pre and post data collection to document balance deficits and individual progress.
  • Home exercise program to complete between sessions, with access to video links to help reinforce exercises and Tai Chi movement patterns.
Fee: Medicare will often cover these classes. Please call the office to have us check your Medicare or insurance benefit. Participants will need a current Physician referral in order to bill Medicare for the Base Camp Move program.The cost of the program for cash-pay participants is $275 for 10 one-hour sessions.

Program Overview

  • Strength and stability exercises (Western-based) using the mat or treatment table, Pilates equipment, suspension straps, exercise balls, kettlebells, balance boards, stepping-cones, and more

  • .Instruction in easy-to-learn Tai Chi movement patterns (Eastern based) with an emphasis on breathing, brain-body connection, base of support, center of gravity, and weight shifting.

  • Instruction on basic conditioning and flexibility using a walking program combined with dynamic stretching for optimal health and tissue resiliency.

  • Follow-up home exercise program with access to video links to be performed between sessions and to take your progress to the next level.

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