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Base Camp Sport is a performance program focused on middle-school age youth and designed with the latest research on injury-prevention and age-appropriate strength and conditioning in mind. Participants will experience a wide variety of exercises and team oriented activities to help develop the strength, flexibility and healthy movement patterns needed for sports and lifelong fitness habits.
  • Summer Series: Three-week (2x/week - 6 training sessions ) intensive  series in outdoor setting
  • Small Group: 6 training sessions for (3-4 athletes) same sport athletes in the clinic setting
  • Coach's Consult: 1-2 session on-the-field instructional sessions for pre-practice injury prevention.
We can help you decide which bundle is a best fit!
Please send us an email with your contact information and a brief description of your training needs.

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Summer Series

Sample Programming
  • Dynamic warm-up and stretching program including foam rolling, contract-relax, partner stretching and do-it-yourself trigger point release for optimal resiliency.

  • Agility drills emphasizing power and quick reaction time including footwork, throwing and punching bag drills with an emphasis on speed, turn-over and aerobic conditioning.

  • Instruction for proper form while running, squatting, lunging, jumping, pushing and pulling with follow-up training using body weight, bands, weighted balls and kettle bells to build strength, power and stamina.

  • Age specific and scaled up versions of classic activities including wheelbarrow races, jump rope, obstacle course, tug-of-war, team sandbag carries, tire turn-over, hill crawl and more.

  • Participants will take the “Base Camp Challenge” to establish pre and post performance levels, to benchmark key muscle imbalances and to help show individual progress.

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