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We are passionate about helping you achieve better movement and function so you can get back to doing the things you love in life.
Our Mission is to serve as a platform for therapists who are
passionate about getting people to feel and move better; to provide
specialized physical therapy services to the people of Evergreen, Colorado
and the surrounding foothills area; to achieve profitability and promote
natural growth; and to support key charitable and community causes
reaching beyond the clinic walls.

Newsletter & Blog

The Reach Your Summit newsletter will  keep you up to speed on all things PT. It includes tips on how to feel and move better, updates on the latest research, inspiring real life stories, and services and products we like so much we just have to share them!


 Our treatment approach combines biomechanical principles with the latest research to treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. One-on-one treatment sessions with the same physical therapist each visit allow us to stay connected with our patients. We will systematically track your progress, keeping you informed each step of the way as we work
toward your goals.

Meet Our Team

Our staff is passionate about helping people get back to moving and feeling better. We're committed to providing exceptional one-on-one, research-based, hands-on physical therapy to patients in Evergreen, Colorado and the surrounding foothills area.

New Patient Info

Colorado is a direct access state. We can check your insurance company’s policy to determine whether you will need a prescription from your doctor for Physical Therapy services.
We have insurance contracts with most major carriers, including Medicare, and offer affordable cash-pay rates. Intake forms are provided online for patients who choose to fill out paperwork prior to their first visit.​

Telehealth PT

Telehealth sessions allow you to access physical therapy services in your own home through a secure online video chat. Simply click to connect through a live internet video feed with your physical therapist.

Fitness & Balance Programs

We're committed to helping you overcome barriers that have hindered your progress with prior therapy attempts. Base Camp was created with an eye toward the latest research on fitness and injury prevention.
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