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Motivational Differences between Half, Full and Ultramarathoners

In this study, motivation amongst half marathoners, full marathoners and ultramarathoners was compared to determine if distance of race distinguished type of motivation. The authors reported that compared to half and full marathoners, ultramarathoners scored lower on Health Orientation and Weight Concern and higher on Life Meaning. Full marathoners scored higher than ultramarathoners on Personal Goal Achievement. Ultramarathoners reported more intrinsic motives for running than the other distance groups, shown by higher scores on psychological and social variables and lower scores on physical variables. This study provides information for coaches and professionals working with long distance runners so they may address specific motives and help clients reach their running goals.

Hanson, Nicholas & Madaras, Lindsay & Dicke, Jessica & Buckworth, Janet. (2015). Motivational Differences between Half, Full and Ultramarathoners. Journal of Sport Behavior. 38.


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